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Parts Explained About Automatic Door Operators

Nov 26 , 2018

Automatic Door Operators are accountable for the smooth automated operation of gates. These digital devices assist the automatic sliding gates to proceed to a side, remain open for sometime allowing traffic and after that shut either on getting a signal or mechanically after sometimes. The automatic gate operators are made up of many sensitive components compiled together to create an extremely efficient apparatus.

Parts of a Automatic Sliding Door Operators

1. The modular plank: Indicates the input works of this operator.

2. ERD: Helps the gate to undo if it rolls a vehicle.

3. Electronic inputs: radio receiver, key change, security loop, phone entry system, key switch and push button channel.

4. Motor Detach: stops automatic Functioning of This gate.

5. Timer: is flexible and may be set between 0 and 60 minutes.

6. Electricity ON/OFF Change: Modulates power input of the Controller board.

7. Power management helps to Close down and Recuperate automatically If current input.

8. Magnetic Lock: an electromagnetic lock is Integrated in the system.

9. Burglar Alert: this Will Be to alert the Occupants in case of Pressure opening.

10. Surge suppressor: provides protection against lightning.

For the more information of Automatic Sliding Door System, please find a professional supplier.

Automatic Door Operators

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