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Automatic Sliding Door System Makes Entrances More Accessible

Oct 15 , 2018

Automatic Door Opener Installments from Beifan Automatic Provide a simple and cost-effective method to supply businesses with available entryways. Our Automatic Swing Door Operator will be able to allow you to outfit a shop or facility using an compliant entrance or convert guide doors to automatic ease of access without the hassle or costs related to rebuilding an whole door.

In addition, We've designed our Low Electricity and Complete Power Swing Door Operators to automate any Brand New or existing door.

To make a personalized operation, our flexible closing speeds enable a door to shut earlier for energy savings or slower for enhanced pedestrian safety. We guarantee the business's longest-lasting goods -- and highest degree of customer satisfaction -- by analyzing every operator for countless cycles. 

We also supply all kinds of Automatic Door Motors, Please call us,and our Engineers will help you design an Automatic Sliding Door System for you according to your requirements.

Automatic Sliding Door System Makes Entrances More Accessible

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