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Automatic Swing Door Motor An Ideal Choice

Nov 15 , 2018

The Automatic Swing Door Motor is a leap of the traditional manual door closer, and the door opening mode is changed from manual to automatic. Applicable to the outdoor environment of the community/park gates, bicycle lanes, villa doors, patio doors, etc.

In accordance with the working mode of other automatic doors, the signal is accepted by any access control system (swipe, fingerprint, button switch, etc.), and the door is automatically opened and closed. The high-performance controller of the Automatic Door Motors is more functional and more durable than the traditional products, and has a longer durability. The product runs continuously for 3 million times without fault detection. Whether it is a high frequency open or closed community walkway door or other government office unit door, it is an ideal choice to choose Beifan.

The application market of Automatic Sliding Door System is very broad, and can be widely used in the door opening of various systems such as access control (swipe, fingerprint, push button switch, etc.), building intercom, induction door, fire alarm, burglary alarm and so on. Can be widely used in high-end building doors, courtyard villas are ideal for replacing electric ground spring doors.

Automatic Swing Door Motor

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