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The Benefits Of Automatic Swing Door Operator

Oct 18 , 2018

Beifan Factory 's Automatic Swing Door Operator is durable, stylish, and low maintenance. It is subtle and silent. And It's possible to transform just about any manual door in a automatic door. Operators may be used in new building or retro-fit onto doors. Beifan's swing doors are all made for high traffic and heavy duty use. Self-learning microprocessor controls correct swing door rate for easy opening and closing. Automatics operate in low-energy or full-power manner. 

With our selection of Automatic Door Operators, you also can turn just about any doorway into a automatic door. Our 180-Degree Automatic Swing Door Operator

- Are Acceptable for low-energy or full-energy Software

- Can Electricity Regular swing doors up to 700 Lbs

- Are Harmonious with Timber, metal, and glass Doorways

- Permit for fast and Simple Design installation

- Are UL certified to Be Used as Flame Heaters

If you Want Specifications, Drawings, literature, or Else You'd like to speak to Somebody about Your Particular swing door operator Program, Please contact Beifan today.

Automatic Swing Door Operator

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