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How To Replace A Automatic Door Infrared Safety Sensor?

Nov 12 , 2018

Let the Automatic Door Accessories Manufacturer explains how to substitute a security sensor onto a garage door opener. The Automatic Door Opener includes two sensors which stop the garage door from closing to a individual or thing: one which sends an infrared beam and also one which receives the ray. When an item or individual is in the method of the beam, then the door reverses direction. If a security sensor stops functioning, the remote controller will not operate and the motor unit lights blink once you press on the remote.

Step 1: Disconnect the Energy

Use a step ladder to get the door opener's power cord and engine device.

Step 2: Eliminate the Safety Sensor

Remove the nut out of the Automatic Door Infrared Safety Sensor.

Pull the detector in the mount.

Cut the wires about an inch out of the security sensor, leaving enough slack in the hands cable to attach the new detector.

Repeat the procedure for another security detector.

There are other steps , do you want to know? Please call us, we will explain more operations for you in detail. 

Automatic Door Infrared Safety Sensor

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