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Structure And Characteristics of Automatic Door Motor

May 03 , 2018

In this article, we will introduce the structure and characteristics of automatic door motors.

1. The master manipulator: It is the command center of the active door. Through a large-scale integrated block internally programmed with a command program, it announces the corresponding instructions and directs the motor or electric lock system to work; at the same time, everyone adjusts the opening speed of the door through the master controller. Open ups and other parameters.

2. Induction Detector: It is used to collect external signals as if it were everyone's eyes. When a moving object enters its working range, it gives the master manipulator a pulse signal.

Automatic Door Motor

3, Power motor: to provide the main power to open and close the door, control the door to speed up and deceleration.

4, Door trajectory trajectory: just like the train's railroad track, bound the door fan's spreader walking wheel system, making it in a specific direction.

5, Door spreader walking wheel system: used to suspend the active door leaf, at the same time under the power traction under the dynamic door leaf running.

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