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High Quality Automatic Door Operators

May 10 , 2018

An automatic swing door operator is valuable for almost any commercial, retail, or industrial surroundings, bestowing any guide doorway using the complete, easy advantage of an automated door. Whether you require a door operator to enhance traffic circulation, or just to enhance your patrons' expertise, Beifan can offer door operator strategies which are customized to match your particular requirements.

Our automatic door operators:

Are Acceptable for low-energy or full-energy software

Can electricity standard swing doors around 700 Pounds

Permit for quick and simple retrofit installation

Our full-energy and low-energy door operator systems are all intended to operate with many different triggering methods, such as mats, push plates, movement detectors, touchless detection detectors, radio controllers, card readers, and much more. The majority of our swing door operator strategies may also be programmed to start so that no detector or mat is needed for detection -- the doorway will open with only a touch. And, in case the door is slightly moved while it's shutting, door will automatically reopen.

Automatic Door Operators

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