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YF-EA-300 Automatic Sliding Gate

Automatic Sliding Gate Features:

Beautiful appearance, the shell is made of high quality processed spraying die casting aluminum alloy, stability and hard.

Strong Motor power, start smoothly, low noise, great power, stable and reliable operation.

Motor has heat preservation protection device inside. when the temperature is too high, the motor automatically cut off the power, never burn the motor.

Circuit has electronic infrared colllision avoidance and electronic blocked return function, ensure pedestrian safety.

Easy installation, simple maintenance.

1. Power: AC 230V/120V, Motor Power: 300W

2. Gate weight:500kg Gate width:8m

3. Machinical limit switch or Magnet limit switch 4.protection temperature: 110℃ 5.Operating temperature:-30~60℃ 6. Speed:1380r/min

Product Name: YF-EA-300 Automatic Sliding Gate

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